Wooden Pallets

What is a Wooden Pallet?

Wooden Pallets are devices used to transport and hold goods in a safe and stable way. Wooden or Timber Pallets are used in the storage and transport of consumer goods such as produce and household items. Wooden Pallets are generally carried by forklifts, pallet jacks and loaders. Premier Pallets carries a large range of timber pallets including, Pinewood, Hardwood, Export, Euro Pallets and Printer Skids.

Wooden Pallet Types

  • Pine Pallets (Light Pallets)
  • Hardwood Pallets (Heavy Pallets)
  • Export Pallets
  • 1200 x 1000 Pallets
  • Euro Pallets
  • Skids

Pine Wood Pallets

Pine timber is commonly used in pallets due to its availability and low cost. It also can be kiln dried and provides a clean product needed for many applications such as pharmaceutical or food related industries. Our standard light wooden pallets our 1165 mm x 1165 mm and primarily recommend using them for lighter shipments. Pine wood pallets are sturdy and can handle large weights, we would usually recommend a hardwood pallet instead, which is more heavy duty and can withstand larger weights. The downside of hardwood pallets is they are substantially heavier than a pine equivalent. A Pine Wood pallet can be up to 10 kg lighter depending on the size and specifications! That is a significant weight difference if you are transporting a large quantity of goods. Therefore, if you are looking to cut costs and cut down on weight thresholds, pine pallets are a great choice.

Wooden Pine Pallet

Hardwood Wooden Pallets

If you are after a strong and durable pallet, hardwood is the wood to use. They are the strongest and most durable pallets manufactured, and can transport a large range of products. Premier Pallets Standard Hardwood Pallets meet Australian Standards with 150 mm x 25 mm lead boards attached to the bottom of the pallets. This is so the pallet will fit into Australian Standards Racking. Our Standard Heavy Pallets are 1165 mm x 1165 mm and suitable to holding up to 2 tonne. When you require strength and durability you can’t go past a hardwood wooden pallets.

Wooden Hardwood Pallet

Wooden Export Pallets

We can provide you with Light Pine Wood Export Pallets in 1100 mm x 1100 mm for a cost effective shipping transport ULD. Premier Pallets also can provide you with a hardwood wooden pallets 1150 mm x 1150 mm option for extra strength and durability for those larger loads and longer trips. The light export pallets can handle up to 1,300 kg’s, whilst the heavy export pallets can take up to 3 tonne. Need to export we can provide you with timber pallets to suit your needs.

Wooden Export Pallet

1200 x 1000 Wooden Pallets

Need something a little different, try our 1200 x 1000  Hardwood Wooden Pallet. This is a solid pallet with dimensions of 1200 mm x 1000 mm and suitable for loads of around 2 tonne. Suitable for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Beverage, Produce, Hardware, and Automotive industries. This style of Pallet is very popular in the European market and is also known as the UK Standard Pallet.

Wooden Export Pallet

Euro Timber Pallets

Sticking with the European theme, Premier Pallets can provide you with other European export style pallets. This is a 1200 mm x 800 mm Euro Wooden Pallet and is typical used to transport goods in shipping containers due to it’s smaller dimensions.

Euro Wooden Pallet

Wooden Skids

Wooden Printer Skids are pallets that have no bottom boards and are often used for sheet materials such as steel or aluminium. A light weight transport solution provided by Premier Pallets the Printer Skid comes in 800 mm x 600 mm.

Wooden Skid